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Fun with Yuki!

A few days ago we had some fun with Ms. Yudelka. Now you see why we just call her Yuki. Having an off the chain personality like she does, we just had to do something fun to capture the real her. Those of you who know her, did we get it right?

Karlita’s Way

Messing around with some ideas one day we took some shots in the garage just for kicks. A few of the shots came out making Karla look high class gangsta. I love the feel that comes off from using just a single light. Mellow and dramatic.

Jessica & Asia Engagement

My good friends Jessica & Asia asked if I would help them capture some moments to celebrate their engagement. I’m glad that I was available to shoot this special moment in their lives. I’ve known these two love birds since before they were a couple, and I’m glad to have met the both of them. We had a great time shooting these photos at the lovely Fort Lauderdale Riverfront area.


I love these spur of the moment shoots. A few days ago a friend of mine, Adriannie of Gana Gana Land Advertising & Design, came by with her hair done all nice and pimped out. So I told her I should photograph you. Well, since she hadn’t taken pictures in forever, she readily replied, “Okay!” So, here are a couple of shots from this very fun evening.


Before her trip to the Dominican Republic, Claudine asked that I give her one thing for her birthday. Her request was that I spend a little time taking a few photos of her that she could have to give her friends and family. Here’s what we came up with. Happy Birthday Claudine!!!

Webbe Family

At the spur of the moment and with a gigantic desire to shoot something, I decided to pop up at my good friends Adriannie and Dwayne’s home. Wondering what in the world I was thinking they began to ask what I was doing there on a week day after work with lights and my camera. I said, “I’m shooting you guys today.” Not having taken any family portraits the whole family was game for the idea. So, I told them all, “I want something natural, so take off your shirts.” With a bit of a why they all agreed. Here are a few shots of the what came out of that evening.
Thanks guys.